The Tranquility of New Ireland – Watercolour Story

The Tranquillity of New Ireland

In April 1990, several months after I was crowned Miss PNG (1989), the PNG Red Cross sent me on a national tour across Papua New Guinea. The tour was to promote the work of Red Cross in charity, disaster relief, blood transfusion services and youth growth and development programmes. This trip enabled me to learn new things, see new places and make many friends. It was a discovery of the magnitude of the work of Red Cross had done in the country and how many people dependent on these services. I was happy to be part of it all and be an ambassador for Red Cross. Unfortunately this privilege no longer exists in the quest due to lack of funding and the changes to the beauty pageant.

During my Red Cross travels, I also saw some of the most beautiful parts of PNG. Pictured is a small coastal village we passed during my tour of Kavieng, New Ireland Province. I took this picture of the house on the waterfront. A few days ago, I was delightfully surprised to find the picture (above) while going through some photos from 27 and 28 years ago. It brought back many memories of the wonderful time I had experienced.

Immediately, I had to paint this little house. The colours I chose reflect the glorious feeling I had during that time, while experiencing love and friendships; the tranquillity and wonders of my beloved PNG. I was very lucky to see a lot of the country during my reign.

I hope you like the images. Feel free to comment and share the tranquillity and beauty of this beautiful PNG Province.





11 thoughts on “The Tranquility of New Ireland – Watercolour Story”

  1. I am so glad and delighted to learn that you were Ms PNG 1989. I am also amazed at your painting talent besides your writing skills. Today I met a PNG-Australian woman at the shopping centre and told her about your blog.

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    1. Oh hello HiMe – welcome back and thank you so much for your kind words. I was thinking about you the other day. Have you been good? My son Nathan has moved to his own place. He visits when he can, I’ll let him know I heard from you. Thank you again. 🙂


  2. Great picture. I remember going to Madang for annual holidays when I was a pikinin and all the sights and smells were so different to Hagen, they are still with me today fresh as.

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