First Voice in Climate Change

Video: People’s Climate March Lays Out the Science, Dovetailing With Traditional Knowledge

by Oscar Hokeah

Article by ICTMN Staff at Indian Country Today
There is but one week to go until what’s being billed as the biggest climate march in history occurs, in New York City, as world leaders converge to talk at the United Nations on the crisis facing our planet. Will they listen to the people thronging the streets? The People’s Climate March organizers hope so. They, and the scientists, say our survival as a species depends on it. This powerful hour-long documentary, Disruption, details the science behind the push to get the world’s politicians to listen and take action. Although the Native voices are not front and center in this film, Indigenous Peoples are mentioned here and are among the organizers and sponsors of the planned mass protest. RELATED: Indigenous Peoples at Forefront of Historic People’s Climate March in New York City “Indigenous Peoples’ traditional teachings have long warned that if human beings failed to protect and care for Mother Earth and the natural world, the survival of humanity would be threatened,” notes the indigenous section of the People’s Climate March website. “Today, increasingly severe impacts of climate change threaten ecosystems and food production around the world and Indigenous Peoples are on the frontlines of climate change impacts. Indigenous Peoples are participating in the People’s Climate March to bring attention to the devastating impacts of climate change and to share our hopes and teachings for living in harmony with Mother Earth.” Watch the video below; it will not feel like an hour.

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