Food In Cubism – Literally


The Cool Stuff for this week is art we find in food. In this creation is a collection of food cubes presented by Lernet & Sander. It is one way to look at food in a totally new light, at least for me.

The foods we eat come in all shapes and sizes, but something beautiful happens if you cut it all down to size — literally. Design studio Lernert & Sander did just that to make the remarkable piece of art above, which was commissioned by Dutch newspaper De Volkskrant last year for a feature on the nation’s eating habits.

I have seen food presented in many artistic ways, but not like.

The very act of cutting each food from corn and salmon to cauliflower and kiwi into 2.5 centimeter cubes shows just how unique nature can be. By attempting to force nature to conform, the differences between each fruit, vegetable, and slab of meat becomes even more apparent (and beautiful).

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7 thoughts on “Food In Cubism – Literally”

      1. Well, we don’t get jet-lag just flying to Spain, Joycelin. It’s only an hour ahead of us. But I’m really missing the sunshine! It’s been windy and grey since we got back, and today it’s raining as well. English weather is so fickle! Hope you are getting better now. ❤ You've had a rough time with that elbow and shoulder. 🙂

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      2. hahaha – trust me to not know my Geography and I have to be corrected by a Geography teacher. Sorry about your weather. Thank you for the update Millie. I am doing more and enjoying myself. Good to at least lift my arm for that hole in my blouse called armhole. 🙂

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      3. It must have been really awful. I just hope it’s not something that’s likely to recur (elbow/shoulder pain, I mean). I also hope it hasn’t held you back with your Memoir writing. Are you still doing Monday’s Finish the Story? I haven’t managed to fit that in for a few weeks. It’s all the follow up that takes time, too. It’s only fair to read and comment on other entries, and I really can’t manage to do that for more than one ff a week now. I tend to do Priceless Joy’ because she asked me to, initially. The others have had to go for the time being. I’ll try to read yours, if I can, though, and one or two of other people I follow. Sorry for the long reply. You know me when I get going… ❤


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