Chaos, A Climate Activist

Chaos at 14 weeks

This was Chaos at 14-weeks old and photographed by his owner, John Sheridan. I met Chaos a few days ago at my house. He is half dingo. Chaos is a Climate Activist.  Chaos’ mother was a climate activist (with owner and indigenous activist Muzz) before Chaos was born in Maules Creek, close to a new coal mine project currently underway in regional NSW. The project construction costs are estimated to total $767 million. When operating at full capacity Maules Creek is expected to employ about 450 people.

Being an activist meant being present and taking part in marches which often result in police interventions and arrests.

In June this year Chaos’s new owners and friends of mine, Rae and John Sheridan were amongst protestors against the Maules Creek coal mine project who got arrested. Just before they were arrested Rae Sheridan recalls how she and John met Chaos.

“The police road block a couple of kilometres from the base camp gave us our first taste of being part of a ‘suspect’ group. We were welcomed at camp and immediately given a tour of the very considerable facilities; kitchen, information tent, campfire gathering circle, farm barn-cum meeting hall, solar recharging nook, communications unit, toilets, showers and a little further  the tepee belonging to indigenous activist Muzz the owner of an impressive part dingo Mother, Dubi, and her irresistible ten puppies, all seven-week-old”.

This weekend, on this Blog – read more of the Maules Creek incident and a brief insight into the life that Rae and John Sheridan live as Climate Change activist.



2 thoughts on “Chaos, A Climate Activist”

  1. I am enjoying your blog so far and have chosen to follow it and return regularly. I have strong interests in both spirituality and native cultures. Thanks you for this. I will be linking your site in my sidebar under Blogs I Follow and Religion/Spirituality.


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