Saved Duck Returns With Babies

Will the ducklings make it?

Mr Cuddle

The wild duck we saved twice, once from the drought (in December last year) and the second time from the python has hatched seven ducklings today in our backyard at Bellbowrie, Queensland. The python had taken one of the two ducks we saved (see story here) last February and the rest of its siblings died from the drought and the cold.


Today,  my two sons already saved the seven ducklings from being eaten. As I write this story, I can hear the ducklings quacking in high baby pitches and I am torn between separating them for a safer enclosure or leaving them out in the bush with their mother and father. I have made a warm bed and tried to make their hiding place as safe as it can be but the babies could be eaten before day break. As babies do, they are making too much noise and soon, others will know their hiding place – the swimming pool skimmer box.

21 thoughts on “Saved Duck Returns With Babies”

  1. Well, I’m glad I wasn’t born a duck in Australia! Life expectancy would be alarmingly low. Seriously, though, it must be hard for you to know that so many of these lovely little ducklings are doomed to become a python’s next meal, especially if they were born in your own garden. But I suppose that food webs must balance. 🙂

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    1. You make me laugh, but thank you very much Millie. I wouldn’t want you to be a duck either. I also know, I must not bring them into the house. I can’t save all of them and that makes me sad but..that’s life!


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