Liklik Meri – Little Girl

“Liklik Meri”. Watercolour and inks by JLeahy © Prints will be available for sale.

I have been writing less to allow my right arm and shoulder to heal. It seems to have taken forever.

With making artwork, I use different muscles and the work takes my mind of pain. I returned to some of my old paintings. These were mostly unfinished artwork, to see if I can finish some. Here is one of my work from 2014, “Liklik Meri” which means little girl in Papua New Guinea (PNG) pidgin. She is from the highlands. I enjoy painting our highlanders because they have gorgeous and colourful dresses. Often these traditional dresses are completed with absolutely stunning headdresses. (See my earlier post on head piece).

I should have taken a ‘before’ picture, but I didn’t. I began painting her six months ago with watercolours. I tried to keep the same medium but after working on the young lady for a few months now, I decided to use inks, mostly black ink pens for the outlines. I hope you like the end result.

16 thoughts on “Liklik Meri – Little Girl”

  1. She is beautiful, Joycelin! And the detail on her headdress and neck decoration (whatever it’s called) is fantastic. Your artistc talent is amazing! Hope your arm and shoulder get better soon. 🙂

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