New Love

I turned 50 a few days ago and I got asked how I felt and what were my plans etc. I have had a good life so far. To be honest, I felt nothing different physically nor mentally. My present goal is to publish my memoir and a book of short stories. I also want my boys to complete university and do what they love.

At half my age I had travelled and seen over 50 countries. Here in Geneva, in 1989, I was eating strawberries and ice-cream. If you had asked me then, how my life would be in the next half – I would have had no idea. Life is full of surprises. I love it.

When I look back at it, I have led a life that has not been ordinary and I am so grateful for many things. One thing worth mentioning is that I do know now as I have grown older, life is not complete without  love. Every human craves love and nothing can replace love. I treasure the love in bonds I have with my sons and my family and friends. My belief in love came from those who loved me and the ones who continue to love me. Every human deserves to be loved.

I am a ‘closet poet’ that writes love poems sometimes.  I was asked recently if I could write poetry (and I guess I can) and if I had any. I have never been taught, but I love to read poems and I have written a few as gifts over the past decades for friends and family. I believe poetry is one great way to express love.  Lucky for those men I have loved and written free poems for, I hope they still appreciate the verses, even if they don’t want to remember…

Here is one such collection of lines which you may call poetry if you wish to. I am happy for my blogger friends and the real poets out there to critique me. 

(JLeahy copyright)

New Love      

A mess of feelings

Soft strings twisted and tangled


A lore to be unfold soon

Waiting, yearning the unknown

Once for-warned heart dazed

Consumed in immense chaos

Riddled with beauty

Warmed and rendered with lightness



30 thoughts on “New Love”

  1. sounds like love to me … at least
    in the beginning .,.. does love
    endure .,.. ? always … if you have loved then hated
    the love you had endures as long as you
    remember the stamp it made when you were made
    ”warmed and riddled with lightness .,.. ”

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      1. i been here struggling to write every day, the spirit a little far away but still in sight … the thought of how it was … and i say: and it is what it was when it will be again … you do such good work … so much fun to learn about such simple beauty so close to life you live the past alive today … ks

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      2. Thank you Kurt, I always appreciate your comments. 🙂 Writing comes and goes, like all creativity. My paintings have dried up and words flow, so I am writing. Hopefully I go to paint again soon. take care.


      3. oil, acrylic, watercolors, how many, subject matter?(as if i should ask) … would love to see …

        such beautiful poetry you have written; ..

        my paintings have dried up
        and words flow
        so i write and i wait
        ’till that river flows
        again …

        take care hope you don’t mind my inspiration … ks

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  2. Sorry for belated birthday wish and hope you reach milestone where you can spread your love and wish to all of us. Nothing to say special as already there are lots of good comment spread in this post. I can only wish you for your future and also for your awsome thought which you rightly expressed in your blog.

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  3. Happy Birthday Joycelin!!!

    Wow what a stunner (you still are!) and what an amazing life you have led and still do. You are an inspiration to me and many others I’m sure.

    Your art, whether in words, pictures , or in how you live, is beautiful, truly.

    Hope your next 50 is as rich as the past 50, and that your heart and home cntinue to overflow with love, both old and new :))

    Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!! xx Ginny PS And, you are so right re love being all that really matters 🙂

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  4. You’re looking extremely well, healthy and happy, Joycelin, I’d be quite happy to be fifty again, but am not unhappy with where I am now. I have a lot of years to look back on and, hopefully, a lot more to come. Love the photo of you in Geneva. You have a sort of smouldering expression. Anyway, I hope you really enjoyed your birthday.


  5. I had a birthday, too, in the early part of March. We are both March babies 🙂 Regarding your poetry – no need to ask for critique. Poetry needs to come from the heart and the intuitive center, not from something we’ve been taught about it. It will evolve as you evolve…it’s as simple as that (to me).

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