Intriguing Wonders of Melanesian People

There is a term I heard when I was growing up. It was “yellow-top”. It was also called “blondie top”. I have heard people from mine and other provinces used this term in Papua New Guinea to refer to East New Britain and New Irelanders. It was not meant to be derogatory in any way; people from these places had natural blonde hair. This ‘look’ is found in many other Melanesian populations across the Pacific. I guess this blonde look on black skin has intrigued other races but to us (Melanesians), it is quite normal.

I accidentally found this video on YouTube and I wanted to share it. I found some of the narration quite amusing, especially in the pronunciation and arguments about the races/genes that could have contributed to the hair colour. The study was interesting.


In the next video, as it is Christmas Eve, I wanted to share some gospel music from the Melanesia. As majority of our people have followed Christianity, these songs are for worshipping. The Melanesian Choirs (Solomon Islands) sung these songs in the movie, The Thin Red Line.

This choir and the songs remind me of Christmas and my childhood memories. I miss those days when I spent Christmas with my mother, grandmother and aunts, and we would sing. It is this time that I remember all these amazing women, some gone and some afar, that love to sing their hearts out. I hope you enjoy the choir.

I wish you all a wonderful Christmas!



8 thoughts on “Intriguing Wonders of Melanesian People”

  1. A wonderful post. The first video about ‘yellow top’ is really informatve, the detail about random mutations reminding me of things I learned during my study of genetic years ago. And what a fascinating mutation the blonde hair is – very striking! I’m learning so much about the Melanesian culture from your posts! The music in the second video really stirs the emotions and somehow brings tears to my eyes. It’s so beautiful.

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  2. Your stories abound in information and ethnic joy. Do keep sharing as it is elating to be in the company of those who value selfhood. Wish you too a great joyous and singing Christmas. And New Year wishes in advance!


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