The Rainbow – Poetry

The Rainbow ©JK.Leahy

There is a rainbow

beyond the shadow

Where blended lights mellow

darkness lurks in shallow

Afraid of radiance’s glow

in obscurity, crevices open

Mind unlocks, and lets go

Beams will seek night

where bad memories hide

Upon the altar, a peace-offering

In spirit we build oneness

to end all writhing

And, we touch the rainbow


This poem is dedicated to all Papua New Guinean writers; fighting to find their voice in the literary world. To my readers, if you can relate to this poem and it applies to how you feel at this moment, then it is for you too.

8 thoughts on “The Rainbow – Poetry”

  1. a sweet gift …. thank you. I used your name in the title of something I wrote the other day … and I liked it while I was writing it then I walked away and came back some time later and I thought it was sophomoric sappy sweet bullshit …. I posted it for maybe as long as thirty minutes … I didn’t think the sweetness or whatever it was isn’t a voice I want to strive for … it’s syrupy sweet but I’ll let you be the Judge of that … now remember …. your name is in the TITLE of the post/piece .. somehow I will get it to you … where did you get the poem about ‘fear’? it’s beautiful …… it gives … ks

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