What If…Advertisers Can Enter Our Dreams?

We all hate the constant advertisement on TV and other campaign channels.  Each time, smart advertising reaches further into what surrounds us, our every day life. So much so that we cannot separate advertising from what we do and see on TV and digital programmes.

“The real question is not: How many ads do we see? The real question is: What do we have to do to see no ads? And the answer is: go to sleep” (James B. Twitchell). The advertisers are unable to reach us when we sleep. Our dreams are the last safe and add-free place or so it seems.
But what happens when advertisers have the possibility to enter our dreams? Based on recent developments in brain science and technology. Could this “ad dreaming” be possible in the near future?

A short film from Studio Smack.

5 thoughts on “What If…Advertisers Can Enter Our Dreams?”

  1. I have to stop watching t.v.! They probably do this in all advertising, like billboards, flyers etc. They sure got me hooked as I had a dream about a pair of boots I admired(I’m not joking)!

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    1. It is ridiculous, but it may be the way. I stopped watching TV three years ago. It is in another room, on another floor – hahaha. But, this video does make you think…(Thank you for watching). Are you going to buy the boots? 😉


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