A Dam Explosion – Short Story

Monday – Finish The Story

Inspired by Millie Thom and others who take part in this exercise, I decided to try the flash fiction challenge. The challenge asks for a story in 100 -150 words from a picture and a first line prompted by host, Barbara W. Beachman.

Team Work
Image copyright: Barbara Beachman.

“When the team heard the dam explode, the team knew they had limited time to make it to safety.

They were collecting specimens along the riverbank when local villagers warned; environment activists were blowing up the dam. The five ran and jumped into their yellow Kathmandu raft and anxiously strapped on life jackets. Gushing water headed downhill towards them. The raft was spat by the force of dam water metres into the air and slammed down into racing current.

“Noooooo!” screamed Wendy; she had been thrown off the raft.

Wendy! Wendy! The remaining scientists yelled against loud sounds of the rushing water. Nothing. The four held on tightly as the tiny, floating yellow raft bounced roughly down the wide powerful current. Kilometres later, the water poured into Mellow River.

Soon, darkness came and the current delivered them ashore a deserted bank. They lost everything and still, no sign of Wendy. (150 words)

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26 thoughts on “A Dam Explosion – Short Story”

  1. Poor Wendy! Well written and full of tension! Thank you for writing for the MFtS challenge! Maybe you might want to try your hand on the new challenge which began this morning? Be well and I hope to see you back! ^..^

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      1. Thank you! I will. I don’t always have the time, but I enjoyed the challenge. Did you read The FourJs? I wrote it and forgot to post the story that week – then I found it in by draft posts. It was for MFtS 🙂

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      1. I confess I like 100 – 150 word stories partly because they’re quick to read, but mostly because it takes skill to round a story well in so few words – it’s always tighter than you think it will be. And I do usually enjoy them so much more than say 250 word ones.

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      2. I don’t tend to write stories on the blog – more ponder procrastination and creativity and what I’m up to. But do please visit still. And one day I may well join in, as you say, very good for honing skills.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Well, Joycelin, you’ve left us with a cliffhanger here. Has or hasn’t Wendy made it to safety? A gripping and tense scene as the gushing water heads downhill. Well done … and thank you for linking to my story! 🙂

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