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A camera means more new pictures will be seen on Tribalmystic stories. It also means I can share my garden with you, virtually.

Watermarked Photos-1
Samanea Saman bloom. It is also called False Powder Pluff.

I got myself a ‘real’ camera today. A Nikon D5200. It may not be a Pro level camera and not what I was aiming for, but I have not had an SLR for nearly twenty years so I am thrilled. My son Nathan loaned me some money for it. When my younger son Chris and I arrived home, guess who already had the package opened and was handling it – Chris!

Watermarked Photos

Mum was cooking and giving stern instructions from the kitchen for Chris to wash his hands first and not leave any greasy prints on the lens or any part of the camera. Poor Chris…I’m sure he was just laughing inside his head. Who tells a 16-year-old what to do these days? Know the feeling when your kids play with your stuff?

Then, the little bugger went off and charged the battery and started taking pictures. Oh well…I guess he was just as excited as I was, even when he pretended he wasn’t.

Watermarked Photos-2

There was some light left and I went for a quick walk in the garden to try the camera with some very curious bystanders. I shall show the ‘bystanders’ on Tribalmystic stories later. These are pictures of Salmanea Saman, often referred to as the false powder fluff – not the stuff you wear on your make-up though.

I have to get my photography grove back. Let me know what you think of my first pictures. Thank you.

18 thoughts on “A Camera Opens New Doors – Tribalmystic Blog”

  1. ‘ false powder fluff ‘ I’ve never heard of that – so thanks for showing us. Husband has a posh canon – when we go walks he takes ages to photograph something – I take a snap with my mobile phone and like to think it’s just as good. It isn’t , of course, but I don’t tell him!

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