A Creative Genius That Lives With Me

Chris Harris Picture. Bee. May 25, 2015

A little creative genius lives with me and is sometimes called my younger son, Chris. He is over one 190 cm tall so he is not that little, but this 16-year-old always comes up with amazing ideas. One of his discoveries was how to magnify or shoot micro pictures with his iPhone using a recycled attachment from an old torch. Here are a couple of images Chris was excited to share with me for their artistic value – he deliberately softened the lines. 

Chris Harris Picture. Bee. May 25, 2015

When I asked him what camera he had used to take the pictures, he showed me his phone and explained, he took apart an old torch and stuck a glass lens from the old torch on his iPhone camera lens to take the super micro images. I was so excited, we went everywhere in the garden to take more pictures from deep inside centre of petals to the eye-balls of family members so we could see the colour spectrums. It is quite incredible. The bee pictures are two of Chris’s images.


8 thoughts on “A Creative Genius That Lives With Me”

  1. how wonderful to know of such
    beauty inspired by creative thought … the desire to see
    more deeply … a truly curious mind …

    a completely unique
    invention … a new lens through which to
    see … the only thought of its kind in the world …
    ideas from the box freed he finds the
    ways to bring them together in different ways … seeking
    wisdom … what’s beyond?

    a spectacular story that proves there are SOME creative islands out there … it give me hope …

    so happy that you shared your discovery with me/us … didn’t someone say that discoveries given, are treasures? (actually i just made that up)

    this little story is a treasure … a story about a boy in wonder .. living in timeless innocence and wonder …

    he sees all there is of the world and attempts to rearrange it … to see more deeply …

    you made the discovery and gave this to us so thank you … it’s a pleasure to know that such things still exist .. but without the words to describe in detail what we were seeing and what you were feeling … (you got that sense of ”awe” across … i could feel it … ) this would have been nothing.

    thanks … ks

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    1. Thank you very much KS. What you describe is Chris – he has that mind that always wants to find out more than what he can see. I am glad you could read that, even though I could be a very biased mother. 🙂 He comes up with grand ideas all the time and keeps the family entertained.


      1. aren’t you lucky! and what’s a boy like this … so far ahead of the times … of himself … of others … what is a boy like this going to do when he is an adult living where you do? i’m wondering if you might tell me the largest city within striking distance of where you are. i’m so curious …i have no idea … ks

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      2. Hi Ks – I enjoy your very long-thoughful discussions. We live in Brisbane (Australia). Chris and his brother were born here – but they spent half of their childhood in Papua New Guinea with me and my family before we came here. Our place is in a bushland outside Brisbane city – so lots of animals and ducks and birds. We could not live in the city – everyone would have been bored.


      3. tell me what bush country is like? do you live in a village? how many people? what do most people do for a living? farm? build cars? just kidding .,… ! i spent time in the bush country of canada where there was no centralized electricity. is that the case where you are? you obviously have internet access. how does this happen? do you use dsl over the phone lines? the reason i’m so interested is that i grew up in america during the 50s when 70-80% of the population still lived in small towns. i grew up in a town of 5000 people. growing up was an adventure … lots of fields and creeks to explore. i graduated from the same school as my parents. growing up in a small town was like being a member of a tribe. life was simple, we only had three television stations, one car per family, one t.v. set … t.v. off the air at midnight. it was wonderful. in fact, i call this the golden age of america … just enough technology to make live easier, low crime because most people lived outside cities. it was wonderful. i’m wondering if life in your town or village or hamlet, is similar to what life was when i grew up? thanks ,., ks


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