Night Travels – Poem

Public domain image.

Night Travels © JLeahy

In the black of the night

Mind’s curtain drops

A screen unfolds

Scenes after scenes

Words travel in echoes

Enemies captured

Friends laugh

A child cries

Someone screams

Emotions grip you

You are afraid

Someone holds you

In places only dreamers go

Shapes blend into pictures

And fades into nothing

Spirit walks, runs and flies

In just one night, a lifetime,

can become one story

Until dawn brings the ending

14 thoughts on “Night Travels – Poem”

  1. It’s amazing what the mind conjures up as we sleep. I can’t remember ever having a nightmare, and don’t want one, either! Dreams can seem so real and many are very pleasant. Lovely poem, Joycelin.

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    1. Yes, thank you to my tech sista (you), I got help from WP. I jumped on one of their chat windows and went through the process to recover it. What caused it was the changing between the old and new editor that dropped it out. Have to keep checking it.

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