The Red Tomb – Short Story

The Red Tomb – JK.Leahy short stories

Picture by Barbara W. Beacham

Mondays Finish the Story is a flash fiction challenge by Barbara W. Beacham. The story requires 100-150 words (excluding the first sentence). Here is my short story for this week’s prompt based on the first sentence below and the picture.

The Red Tomb – short story

“Where did they go?”

The two owls following her seemingly disappeared. Together yesterday, they watched the horizon quickly swallow the sun. Now they’re gone.

The mud on her feet lifted a coat of ochre from the red track. Dusk soaked and chilled her body, while blood from cuts drawn on her bare arms and legs marked her run through the arid country in search of the Red Tomb.

Tia stopped. The wind tapped her silky hair gently against her waist.  Beyond the treetops, the sun stretched the shadows of the peaks, reaching to clutch her.

At last, she had reached the Red Tomb. She must borrow from her ancestors to save her five-year-old daughter.

“Go to the Red Tomb. Collect red dust from your ancestors’ graves. Their spirits will travel with you. When I bath Luhana in that dust, she will return to us”, the witch doctor whispered, before Tia left her dying child.


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    Beautifully written. Trust me you can be a song writer.

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