Hot Day – A Watercolour Study

Hot Day – Watercolour JK.Leahy

JK.Leahy© watercolour. January, 2016.

“Hot Day”. A study of a Papua New Guinean child on a hot day. I enjoy painting the most when it is unplanned and I use watercolour loosely until the image shows up.


12 thoughts on “Hot Day – A Watercolour Study”

    1. This one is from memory. It is one of those images I grew up with. Generally when I paint, I use all three. Some work I can easily paint from memory. If I have to paint something new for a client, they supply photos. The art I like most are the accidental ones; the ones where I set out to paint something and it turns to something else. Hahaha. I am better with no restriction – love the freedom of exploring, experimenting and the surprise endings. Thank you so much for visiting and sharing Niko.


      1. Cool I can relate – when I am funneling a creation the the accidents are my favorite parts too, whether splashes or paint runs or something else entirely happening. God/Creation/Creator/Source/Life is in the accidents, I say 😉

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