The Lazy Little Frog Launches on Kickstarter Tomorrow – March 8


My first children’s book, The Lazy Little Frog (hardcover) will be sold through Kickstarter from tomorrow, March 08, 2022. A limited signed hardcover copies (500 each language) will be sold with in a gift box. The Lazy Little Frog is also in Tok Pisin and Motu – the three official languages of Papua New Guinea.

This 46 page book is printed on premium paper and includes 32 watercolour illustrations.

The digital launch has been delayed due to unforeseen circumstances and the Queensland floods. Our Page on Kickstarter will be live and you can access by and search for “The Lazy Little Frog” or “Joycelin Leahy”.

I will also insert a link here once we are live.

Kickstarter is a creator’s crowd-funding platform, and by selling my books through this platform, I can raise funds to print and distribute my book. I can also sell book merchandise and promote the book world-wide.

Kickstarter is an “all or nothing” system, so I have to raise my goal of $30,000 AUD to be able to receive the pledges and print the books.

All your support and comments are welcome and please share my post.

Thank you. Joycelin Kauc Leahy. Author/Illustrator.