The Return of the Cicadas

The cicadas are one of my favourite insects. I have listened to them on many occasions through out my life without knowing what a complex and intricate life-cycle they have.  They remind me of the low-sounds made by Jews Harp, a small musical instrument which is held against the teeth or lips. When there are thousands of cicadas calling at once, it is like an orchestra of the Jews Harp.

I hope you enjoy this video as much as I have.


Papua New Guinea Tapa Cloth – A Timeless Tradition

The PNG Tapa Cloth from the Te Papa Museum collection.

Image copyright: TePapa Museum, Wellington, New Zealand.

Papua New Guinea has one of the most unusual collections of bark cloth (tapa) in the world.  The art of making tapa is a timeless tradition in PNG and many Pacific Island countries. A cultural heritage handed down from generation to generation, tapa making has survived western influences and is still worn by its makers.

While the tapa cloth is made in different parts of the country, the Oro Province is known world-wide for its distinctive designs and patterns. More on tapa in a future post.



The Tannery – Short Film

A fox has a life after death experience.

The video was commissioned by 4mations for Channel 4 – Music by Mick Cooke – A UK Film Council, Scottish Screen, DigiCult and Channel 4 Presentation Developed by DigiCult and Lupus Films.