The Return of the Cicadas

The cicadas are one of my favourite insects. I have listened to them on many occasions through out my life without knowing what a complex and intricate life-cycle they have.  They remind me of the low-sounds made by Jews Harp, a small musical instrument which is held against the teeth or lips. When there are thousands of cicadas calling at once, it is like an orchestra of the Jews Harp.

I hope you enjoy this video as much as I have.


14 thoughts on “The Return of the Cicadas”

  1. When I went to visit a friend in Chicago a few years back, the cicadas had come out of hibernation. Suffice it to say I was scared crapless when I saw a couple….they were big! They were harmless apparently, but I have never been a fan of bugs, I mean insects!

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    1. Hahahaha – you have to stay in the hotel and by the beach when you visit Oz…:) I bet you like the dragonflies though. They are pretty cute. What about beetles? Ok, I’ll stop here. I have seen various cicadas, some of them are very beautiful. It is interesting how their remains stay intact – almost like plastic.


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