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A Chill – Short Story

Picture: Barbara W. Beacham

Mondays Finish the Story is a weekly flash fiction challenge by Barbara W. Beacham. Barbara provides the picture and the first sentence, and the challenge is to write a story of 100-150 words using the picture and the first sentence. Here is my story.

A Chill – JK.Leahy fiction

“Not knowing what to expect, he made his way into the dark of the forest.” Marcus chuckled to himself, setting off for his morning run. Sun pierced the thick canopy, casting gentle light on his usual track winding through the woods behind his house. He pulled his laces taut as he reminded himself to pick up Elle from her friend’s eighth birthday sleepover to leave her with her mother at ten. As he increased his pace, Marcus thought of his plans for the day, making a special note to pick up Elle.

His daughter had spent the night across town for her best friend’s 8th birthday, but this week she’d be at her mother’s place; Marcus’s ex-wife hated it when he was late. Exhausted, Marcus stopped in a clearing and greedily gulped down the fresh morning air, but despite the heat, he saw something that gave his blood a chill. Hanging from a noose was a rag doll dog with button eyes…his little girl’s dog…

On the Edge of Devils Abode – Short Story

Picture by Barbara W. Beacham

Mondays Finish the Story is a flash fiction challenge by Barbara W. Beacham. The story requires 100-150 words (excluding the first sentence which Barbara writes). She also provides the picture. The challenge runs from Monday to Sunday. Last week, I was away in PNG and missed this one but the picture inspired me so I went ahead and wrote my story. My son Nathan wanted to write a story for this challenge as well so I hope you like what we did.

On the Edge of Devils Abode by JK.Leahy©

“The cemetery spread along the area known as Devils Abode.”

On the edge, Maine, Tony and Boxer stopped. It rained. Cuffed in a hessian bag, Benny struggled. In turns, they kicked him into a bloody heap. The bag came off.

“Leave him,” Tony said. “The animals will get him”.

“Finish him off – Frank’s orders,” Maine growled and kicked Benny in the crotch.

Benny curled, feeling warm between his legs where his urine could not wait.

“Someone’s coming. Run!” – Boxer yelled and drove away.

A car stopped. Footsteps approached.

“I told those idiots to bury the fucker. He’s alive? Pick him up”. It was Frank.

Four hands shoved under Benny’s arms. They drove to the cemetery and stopped.

“Throw him in there,” Frank ordered. Benny hit the fresh grave landing – hard. He waited for the trigger. Instead, soft, dry soil slapped his wet face. Frank was burying him alive, just like he buried his wife, Benny’s lover of two years.

My son Nathan Harris was inspired to write his own 150 words that takes place after my story. This was Nathan’s own writing and I have not changed a word. 

“The cemetery spread along the area known as Devils Abode.”

“Seemed a fitting place as any to leave that shit Benny” Frank smirked as he opened his door, escaping the storm. He had just enough time to notice a set of muddy footprints before the crack of a gunshot hushed the rain, and searing pain through his leg dropped him to one knee. As Frank cursed on the floor, the slender form of a dead man dissolved into view; his pinstripe suit was caked with mud.

“Benny?” Frank gurgled, “How the bloody hell did you – ”
“Rookie…” Benny coughed, lungs choking on earth, and emptied his last 5 shots into Frank’s gut.
Frank clutched himself, frozen in pain and fear. As the last moments of his life drained away, Benny strode to the door and glanced back.

“When you try bury someone, you bury them deep…” he began softly, “because a shallow grave won’t hold a vengeful man down.”

The Nightshade Escape – Short Story

Picture by Barbara W. Beacham.

Flash Fiction Challenge

Mondays Finish the Story is a flash fiction challenge by Barbara W. Beacham. The story requires 100-150 words. Here is my short story for this week’s prompt based on the first sentence below and the picture.

The Nightshade Escape JK.Leahy Short Story©

“The team employed the use of Nightshade to get the information they wanted from their captive.”

Viola smiled to herself as she finished the paper and her coffee. “Nightshade”, her ‘weapon’ was right next-door, she thought. All this time, her plan to make his death appear subtle, wasn’t working.

Wearing her garden hat Viola strolled to her neighbour’s yard,  pretending to tidy her garden beds. Her blood roses were peeking at her, but she won’t pick them today, the day was fading fast and in a few hours, Greg arrives.

Crouching, she reached through the fence and cut a few shoots and flowers off her neighbour’s nightshades.  A dog barked loudly and so close that Viola leaped, dropping her hat and all the cuttings. She ran back into her house. Shaken, she watched the large doberman sniffing where she sat, seconds ago.

Oh well, if that dog is going to guard the damn nightshade – the rat poison will have to do, she decided.

The Missing – Short Story

Picture by Barbara W. Beacham

Mondays Finish the Story

Arriving at the beach, she reflected on her life. Mea searched the waves for two poles where the village bell hung. She had missed the bell sounds and the village gatherings. It has been 20 years since she left for Australia. The bell hung in the village centre; now, only seawater.

“I can’t see it,” she told her brother Tau.

“I don’t think it’s there anymore”.

“Right there” she pointed. “And what happened to Bubu Raga’s coconut trees?”

“The King tides, five years ago, took Moale’s family’s house, betel nut, breadfruit and the coconut trees. We dashed for the hill”.

“Oh My God! That would’ve been scary”.

“Yes, we lost everything. That was the day Chief Naka accepted the government’s offer to relocate us with other climate change refugees. It’s strange being on other people’s land. You are very restricted, but in the past 30 years, the water has raised so much. Our island will soon be completely submerged”.

The Sacrifice

Monday Finish the Story with host Barbara W. Beacham

Picture: Barbara Beacham

The Sacrifice © JLeahy  

They followed the buffaloes and their babies along the trail heading into the woods. At trail end Aka ran forward and sliced the youngest calf and wrenched out its heart.

The calf gave a horrifying shrill and fell back; the rest dashed for the woods.

Blood spurted in a red fountain, saturating the soft green bushes, ground and his shirt.

“Look! Look Ahwen, it’s still beating”, he said mesmerized by the throbbing organ in his bloody hand.

I staggered back against the old rain tree. I stared at the convulsing calf beside his leg.

“Why did you do that, why?” I shouted.

I AM a warrior,” he said.

“A warrior ONLY kills for food.”

“We can take this calf to eat.”

“It’s not ours, it belongs to the sanctuary”, I looked at the cluster of houses at the head of the trail. Soon, someone will know.

“Let’s leave!” I ordered.

(150 words)