A Stunning Beauty from Papua New Guinea


On my return home to Papua New Guinea on September 16th, it was the Independence Day. My son Chris and I were very lucky to see PNG people celebrating in their traditional costumes.

On arrival at the Jacksons International Airport, Port Moresby, our first meeting was with this stunning beauty.  I wish I had taken more, but I only had time to take four photographs of this beautiful woman and rush to domestic terminal to transit to Lae. I will get her name later, that’s how PNG networking is, but she was dressed in Simbu traditional dress. I believe she was part of the Air Niugini staff and assisted the international departure passengers.

If you have any questions about her dress, ask me, but this post is purely to show the beauty of the image. When I come across moments like this, I am very proud to be a Papua New Guinean. My reasons being, we are unique people, we love our culture and we are always proud to show it.


5 thoughts on “A Stunning Beauty from Papua New Guinea”

    1. Hi Rita, welome to my blog. I haven’t blogged much since I’ve been ill, but I’m making my way back soon. 🙂 Thank you for commenting and to answer your question, most headdresses from PNG represent tribal markings. They represent the status and also the era (time period) and hand-mark of the family. Is your name Palma from PNG? That name sounds like a Simbu name. This lady’s bilas (dress) is from Simbu – so if you ask someone from that specific area, you could get some clarity.


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