Australia’s first carbon positive pre-fab home


The SBS News brings us the first carbon positive pre-fab home in Australia. This house and the news made my Cool Stuff list.

Carbon zero is the benchmark for best practise when building today, but in the future the federal government expects so-called “carbon positive” buildings to play an increasingly important role limiting global warming.

In a significant step forward in efforts to reduce emissions, Melbourne-based architects have designed what is being billed as Australia’s first carbon positive pre-fabricated home.

Here is a short video of the house and to read more click on the link below. SBS News clip or read more here

13 thoughts on “Australia’s first carbon positive pre-fab home”

  1. A big step forward in the effort to control carbon emissions, Joycelin. I’m not sure how well, or how quickly, they’ll be built on any large scale, though. I really do hope they catch on. I had to smile at the mention of prefab. I had my first seven years in one – but it looked rather different to that sleek structure. Post war shoddy, more like. 🙂


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