Objects of Betel Nut Culture

Lime pot from Trobriand Islands, PNG

I have  previously made a post about the betel nut culture. I wanted to show some art and objects made for the betel nut culture. This is a collection of objects that were used by those who chewed betel-nut in Asia and the Pacific islands. While the habit may be disgusting to some, indigenous artists have specifically crafted a wide collection of ‘tools’ that can break the nut open to containers that store lime or referred to as lime pots as the one pictured above.  Often, these objects are quite small and are hand carried in a bag by the users. As a museum curator, I find the tribal patterns exquisite and many represent cultural and spiritual meanings. The objects also tell stories. Perhaps in the future, on this blog, I may be able to bring some interpretations and explanations about some of the traditional Papua New Guinea patterns showed here. To introduce the art of the betel nut culture, here is a small collection I found on the public domain.

Betel nut 1
Lime pot lid and also sticks for dipping into lime for chewing. Sepik, Papua New Guinea.


TK400 (1)
Lime container from Timor



A collection of lime post from Pacific Islands. Image Courtesy: Second Nature


Betel nut cutter: Borneo – Public Domain


Lime pot: Indonesia. Public Dormain



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