More Centrepieces from Papua New Guinea

In my last post, The Centrepiece, I wrote about learning and making my own headdress. Here, I wanted to show in colour,  some of the most beautiful headdresses from Papua New Guinea (PNG).  There are too many to show but I have made a random selection of headdresses in these unpublished photos from a recent cultural show. Our culture, the art and body adornment are some of the most colourful things that attract photographers from across the world. In every tribe and the work we put into most of our traditional costume preparation before we show, the headdress remains the centrepiece.

These images were taken by a close friend and a well-known PNG-based photographer. Lucky for me, he had just returned from the annual Goroka Show where he captured these images.

For more pictures from this photographer, please visit:




2014-09-13-10-52-49Roe            2014-09-13-11-04-03_02Roe


2014-09-13-11-12-57_01Roe             2014-09-13-11-20-27_01Roe


2014-09-13-11-22-31Roe            2014-09-13-11-07-52_01Roe





2014-09-13-11-05-41Roe              2014-09-13-11-16-54_01Roe