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How To Catch A Bird

When you are growing up, and as a child, it is not always clear what your parents tell you, and often, you end up learning the lesson the hard way. How To Catch a Bird is one of those tough lessons Vera van Wolferen learnt as a child.

In Vera van Wolferens own words:  “How To Catch a Bird is a stop motion short film based on a childhood memory. It’s the graduation film I made for my masters in animation at AKV St. Joost Breda. When I was eight; my dad taught me how to fish. He told me to take the worm off the hook after fishing, but I had no idea why. After fishing I forgot about the worm and left it dangling on the hook. If I only knew then what the consequence of this action would be.”
Animation by Vera van Wolferen
Music by Gerard van Wolferen

A Mundane Story – Vimeo

A Mundane Story – Loop Ring Chop Drink

Written, Directed & Animated by Nicolas Ménard
Sound & Music by Rich Vreeland
The mundane story of a heartbroken man,
an online gambling addict, an alcoholic kleptomaniac
and an anxious loner living in the same apartment building. Additional animation by Iris Abols, Anne-Louise Erambert, Nicole Kozak & Robert Loebel

Featuring a selection of abstract paintings by Samuel Jacques
Colouring by Mélanie Daigle, Oliver Hamilton, Sam Jones,
Jeanette Lee, Nicolas Ménard, Jonathan Reyes & Khylin Woodrow
Sound mix by Dayo James
With the voices of Clément Baptiste, Wallace McDougall & Alice Dunseath
Special thanks to Blinkink, Jean-Philippe Fauteux & Philip Hunt
© Royal College of Art, 2014

The Important Places (short film)

Special thanks to Doug Woodward, Brendan Leonard, Skip Armstrong, David Marx, Jeff Scholl, Elliot Ross, Jess Lowe, Howl Collective, Story & Heart