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Hello Friends

Thank you for being so kind and patient with me on my Tribalmystic Stories blog. It has been a life changing year for all of us.

I wish you all a safe and Merry Christmas and a better, hopefully more normal (and what’s normal these days?) year in 2021. Even if we keep asking ourselves this question, I’m very hopeful and I hope you are too.

My sincere condolences to those that have lost loved ones during this horrible period with COVID19. May peace, blessings and love touch your hearts. What is looming will continue to affect us all and we go into the uncertainty once more as we head into the new year. Writing is a beautiful way to soothe the mind and feed the soul. I love the places I visit when I’m creating and writing stories.

I pray there will be more loving, kind and understanding between each of us. We are all in this together. To my old blogging friends and subscribers, yes, I’m back to the blog and I will be making art and teaching art right here on WordPress so we can reconnect if you are still around. I welcome any new subscribers and thank you in advance. I’ve written enough to get a book out of the memoir stories, but there is more writing yet… (and that is another story). I look forward to your spirited comments and discussions on my future posts between now and going into 2021. I feel it will be a powerful year. Let’s commit to what makes us happy and treasure every moment of now.

This is a brief post to express my sincere gratitude and appreciation for your continued support. This image will be the banner for my new creative learning blog and website. I’m close to launching and will run the blog simultaneously with my Tribalmystic Stories blog. Wish me luck!

A Small Win on Tribalmystic Blog

Blue Lily
I share a picture of my blue iris to say thank you to all my readers. JKLeahy pic. 2015

Thank you to all my readers

I like small wins. Here, my blue iris bloomed for the first time in almost a year. Perhaps it was because I moved her from the edge of a small pond to the shade of a gum tree – I’m not sure what happened to her, but she came back. That makes me happy.

The other win was that this blog hit the highest number of visits per month ever. I had over 3000 visitors in July and the top performers were;

  1. United States of America.

  2. Australia

  3. Papua New Guinea

  4. United Kingdom

I appreciate ALL readers and visitors and look forward to your continued support.  Thank you!



The Diet of Content

I asked one of my younger readers, aged 17, what I should do to my blog content to make it better for my readers. Should I write about the same thing? Should I allocate days for each topic or category?

She said, “No!, don’t change it. I like the variety and the surprise. I want to open the post and be surprised. I do not want to know what is going to come”.

I took that comment as a compliment and I appreciated the thought that this blog appealed to a wide range of age groups. I hope that more readers can give me feedback so I could improve the content and make this blog better this year.

In line with the discussions over content, I saw this article about blog content and it made me laugh initially, but, I thought this could be useful to apply to what I/we blog about. To fellow bloggers, I hope that this information is useful and it inspires you to add something new to your blogs in this new year. The article was written by Jason Miller.

Content Healthy – Blogging Food Groups

If you know me at all then you know that I am a huge fan of marketing analogies, said Jason Miller.  One of my favorites, and most useful, is the blogging food groups. Originally coined by Hubspot’s Rick Burns back in 2009, I have been applying this strategy for years and I believe that it’s more relevant than ever now that content marketing is such a vital part of the marketing mix.

Many of us forget that the blog is the original social media channel. It’s the social media rug that ties the content marketing room together. As a major fuel source for social, it’s vital to mix up the content on the blog, after all variety is the spice of life. Just as anyone would quickly tire of eating from the same food group day after day, your customers and prospects can grow tired of the same type of content again and again.

The infographic below is inspired by the original blogging food groups post mentioned above but with a slight twist. My hope is that this infographic will inspire you to mix up the content on your blog by including some meaty posts, a side of vegetables, a serving of whole grains, a condiment or two, and everyone once in a while a sweet dessert.