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The Eye of the Storm – Short Story

Picture by Barbara W. Beacham

Mondays Finish the Story is a flash fiction challenge by Barbara W. Beacham. Here is my story for this week’s prompt in the first sentence below and in reference to the above picture. 

The Eye of the Storm ©JK Leahy short stories

Zeus was not having a good day and he made sure everyone knew it. Mack was a mess as soon as Zeus got going.

“Get me a cleaver…”

“Nooooo! Pleease! Oh god – I’m sorry!” Mack sobbed and gurgled as I ran to boss’s collection for a blade. I almost dropped it; my legs could barely keep up.

As Zeus’ knuckles tightened to white around the knife handle, I desperately avoided his predatory gaze, leering at me through the lightning bolt tattoo across his right eye.

“Now, get out” he growled. I didn’t linger.

Mack had hidden Zeus’s package as well as the money. He lied. I warned him that Zeus would not buy it. The kid messed up.

I wondered why you’d risk losing some fingers for a few bucks, and then I heard a chop. Mack’s screams battered the walls of the warehouse, and the echoes shook my bones. I guess you never quite get used to working for a psychopath.

(149 words)

Pizza Anyone? Short Story

Barbara W. Beacham

Mondays Finish the Story (Host: Barbara W. Beacham)

“Pizza anyone?” James grinned and set the pizza on the table.

“Rusty!” I called my Chihuahua.

Rusty chewed all of James’ shoes yesterday. Last night, James threatened to drop him off at RSPCA. I lost my appetite for 24-hours. Starving, I grabbed the pizza.

“Wait, I need to cut it” he said and produced a large kitchen knife. He sliced the pizza and I noticed an odd smell. Perhaps it was our compost that smelt. I quickly ate three slices. It was delicious, yet I could taste something else apart from the cheesy mushroom.

“You having any?” I asked reaching for the fourth slice. “I’m not hungry”. Then, I stopped. There was brown fur on the meaty medallions. I picked it with my fingernail. “What’s this?”

“It’s Rusty! He tastes good huh?” James said. I dropped the slice and ran with my hands on my mouth. (150 words)