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Cool Stuff: Living Grass Art

25.08.79 #2, 2010, soil, wheat seeds, recycled metal, fabric, 110 x 90 x 40 cm. Exhibited at The Invisible Dog Art Center, NY.

Mathilde Roussel is a French artist. Based in Paris, Roussel works in various materials for her sculptures but one of her most remembered work is the Living Grass. This collection shows the transformation of soil wheat and seeds, fabric and recycled material to show the effects of transformation of material as a metaphor of the human body. After installation, the figures transform over the period of exhibition showing. Time sculpts the forms, makes them change and then decay.

For more of the grass sculptures. The artist’s statement can be read here

25.08.79 #1 and #2, 2010, soil, wheat seeds, recycled metal, fabric, 170 x 150 x 60 cm and 110 x 90 x 40 cm. Exhibited at The Invisible Dog Art Center, NY.


Mathilde Roussel

A Canned Discovery

I live in Brisbane City, Australia.  In the west, Monday (today) was our rubbish pick up day. I usually make my teenagers do a big yard clean-up just to fill the green bin the day before. Then, usually, they fought  over who was NOT going to take the bin to the roadside in the evening. Our house is at least 50 metres from the public roadside where the council truck picked up our weekly rubbish.

On the way home from work this evening, I saw that the green bin was still full.  The recycle bin was empty. This was the third time the council had not picked up our green bin rubbish since we moved here three years ago. It may be due to the fact that we were the first or the last on the street, depending on which way they looked at it. In the past I had phoned in and the Council sent a contractor to pick up the bin. The Council had always been good. Today, I could only find the web contact which the council wants you to make a full report – so I did. While going over the forms on the council site and completing the necessary information like your contact details, I saw this photograph and thought it was very cool.

This group of Council engineers got together to build a mini City Hall sculpture from canned foods for a competition. I wanted to post the picture as my “cool stuff” but it had a story.

Brisbane City Council Seven of Council’s young engineers gave their time to take part in ‘Canstruction’ – a global competition that creates giant sculptures out of tinned food which is then donated to charity. Hosted by Engineers Australia, our team of seven gave their own time to design and ‘canstruct’ a 1:32 replica of City Hall using 3300 cans. Donations and sponsorships helped drive this fun initiative for the engineers, with the cans then given to Foodbank for distribution to those less fortunate across Queensland. You will be pleased to note the replica was structurally sound.