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Blooming PNG – Tropical Flowers

These are a collection of Papua New Guinea tropical flowers I shot in Mount Hagen and Lae. Most of these are ferns and blooms of the ginger family. Sometimes, I prefer the suggestions of the bloom, rather than the clear picture; I think it makes the colours and the image more interesting.
















The Best Wheels For Cross-Country

Two boys on the Road to Mt Kuta, Mount Hagen, Papua New Guinea JK.Leahy Picture©

I remember making these wheels with my cousins when I was a child. They are supposedly a boys’ toy, but I tried driving it more than once. I have to admit, it was fun.

You need an old tyre, a small bottle filled with water and two sticks. You put the stick ends in the bottle and place the bottle inside the tyre. The wet bottle slides inside the old tyre and drives it forward as you push the sticks. You can drive it anywhere across country.