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Art – A study of the Cattleya Orchid

2016-04-25 00.01.03
A watercolour study of the cattleya orchid. JK.Leahy©

Working loose on paper with watercolours. I find this work a challenge. It has only started to take shape by midnight tonight, but I still have two or three more paint layers to go.


Latin Skirts of Orchids – Photography


When the Cattleya orchid bloom, the petals remind me of watercolour on paper. Translucent layers, flow the streams into each other. Lights, waiting to burst in unseemly angles. The orchid’s veins like fine ice crystals are so delicate that it bruises to touch; such a complete contrast to its thick leathery dull green leaves.


Inside, many secrets are kept. But who is to know…


When you are up close to a Cattleya, there are so many things to look at and the mind can play tricks on you. I get lost in the ‘skirts’, the twists of the lines, and ruffled ends of its petals that tilt like a Latin dancer’s skirt. Sometimes the ruffles can look like bird feathers.


It is not hard to see a Latin dancer stretch her legs and throws the ruffled hem back, leaving the wind and the music to take her. Round and round in her twists and turns until the last note, a high-pitched violin is played to bring her home.





That note is also the mosquito humming in my ear as it bites me.  I know I am staring at the orchid under the tree outside my house. Show is over.



A Gardener’s Reward

Picture: Jaradeenah Danomira. 2015

One of my proudest moment as a gardener is when my Cattleya trianae tipo ‘Baronessa blooms. I have several on a poinciana tree and the grey-green mid truck bursts into speckles of translucent white, dabbed with bright pink and golden centres. The Cattleya orchids tell me Autumn is here.

The flowers remain for three and half to four weeks before they finally wilt. These pictures were taken by my niece Jaradeenah Danomira this morning.

Picture: Jaradeenah Danomira. 2015