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Soft Leaves – Photography

The Dead and the Living – JK. Leahy Photography

DSC_0426 (1)
JKLeahy Picture©

Soft Leaves are part of the Dead and the Living Photography I often do. I try to feature my own artistic view of the subtle colours and structures of leaves, plants and vegetation, insects and wildlife that surround me. Sometimes I like the beauty and art in their decaying form.

DSC_0420 (1)
JKLeahy Picture©

The soft leaves pictured here fell from succulent plants I grow in hanging pots. Lucky for me, they fell into an old rusted steel wheelbarrow. A couple of small seedlings were saved as well.

I really like how soft the colours and the leaves themselves were. And to have various orange and grey mirrored from a cold hard rusting steel as the backdrop was totally unexpected.

I hope you like these pictures too.

DSC_0417 (1)
JKLeahy Picture©


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JKLeahy Picture©


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A Tender Bloom – Poem

A Tender Bloom – ©JK.Leahy

A succulent bloom. 2015. JK.Leahy photo.©







Blooming succulent

Tender is her child

Radiant a beauty within

Softness is her skin

A spirit of iron built-in

Petals bruise at touch

Yet, in arid menace

Where dew is languished

She steals her solace

And thrives defiantly

Shooting An Aloe – Photography

Week three of bloom. ©JK.Leahy photography.

Photography can be easily addictive as most of you that take pictures know. And, when you have an interesting subject of beautiful colours, it is hard to stop shooting. I have been shooting aloes in my garden with the Nikon D5200 and thinking of ways to make the pictures more interesting because the flowers are narrow and tall.

Week four bloom ©JK.Leahy photography.

I find the aloe itself fascinating for many reasons. The most important reason is that it is a medicinal plant and we all have come across the Aloe Vera commonly eaten, drunk and used in skin products. I used the juice when I was pregnant with my boys for skin-care and digestion. These days, we use the aloe vera for cuts and itchy skin. Aloes are part of the Liliaceae family. There are about 500 species of aloes in the world. They are a perennial succulent and their medicinal uses are traced back to 1500BC where it was known as “plant of immortality”.  Read more here.

Week five bloom close-up ©JK.Leahy photography.

Aloes are very hardy plants and like the cactus – they can grow in very tough conditions. The amazing thing about Aloes are their beautiful flowers, many are intricate and often not what you expect to see.I have a few varieties and each one of them have their own unique bloom. See other colours here.