5 thoughts on “Bird of Paradise II – Watercolour”

  1. Beautiful – both the bird itself and your painting – which is fabulous. It is sad to hear about the drastically declining numbers of any species and to hear about extinctions is heart breaking. I hope there’s plenty being done to preserve this beautiful bird and your idea for a sanctuary is brilliant. You might have to fill a lot of piggy banks first, though. 😀


  2. I am so happy to hear that the Bird of Paradise is still alive in your world. Someone brought a pair (or more) of them to the Southern Caribbean island of Tobago many years ago (I lived there for a while). They thrived there until a hurricane wiped them out completely. I only saw one at a museum, stuffed. For some reason, I am very drawn to this particular bird; it seems magnificent to me…

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    1. Oh, yes, they are so beautiful – it is my favourite bird. They have gorgeous feathers, but also interesting lives.PNG once had 37 or so species. I believe there are less species now. We are lucky to have some left – but the numbers are dwindling fast. I had this idea to build some kind of sanctuary for the last two decades. I hope I can before I die.

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