Lapun Man Simbu – Old man from Simbu – Art


This is a work in progress. Old man from Simbu, Papua New Guinea is a painting challenge to myself to paint larger (work) with better light and skin tone. I love the traditional dresses and particularly the headdresses from Simbu, a highlands province that is very rich in culture. I painted a young woman from Simbu a few years ago and was asked, why haven’t I painted a male from the same area. Good question. I had never thought of it. So I picked up the brush, filled the re-cycled jars with water…and, am still working on the old man from Simbu.

I found this exercise exhilarating because to get the painted black face separated from his normal brown skin and give him a background – all in dark colours was tricky. I hope you like him.

26 thoughts on “Lapun Man Simbu – Old man from Simbu – Art”

  1. Your Old Man from Simbu is a captivating and colourful character and I think he’s lovely. As one of the comments above mentioned, there’s something about those eyes that draws us to them. He has a very direct gaze that is somehow appealing and possibly a little calculating, though not in a threatening kind of way. Wonderful art work Joycelin.

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  2. Keep up your beautiful art…I paint about my Lebanese and Italian heritage and write poems and short stories to go with the paintings…it does help ease the pain of the past xxxx *Hugs*

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      1. I have learned my mother’s Italian language and I can speak a few words of my Lebanese father’s Aramaic language, but sadly neither is good enough for me to write poems or prose in.

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      2. Ohh, but you speak it, that’s wonderful! I have written a few pidgin poems, just for fun. My mother writes songs in two of our languages and we sing them – so in a way, that’s writing poetry. 🙂 Thank you for sharing your heritage.


      3. I have published two books…one a Memoir/Family history and one I have just published with my poems, short stories and some of my art. Go to frandi.wordpress .com to get some sense of my work. ‘Dragons, Deserts and Dreams’ follow on the themes of my memoir and family history. The format seems to have worked and could work for you too. Please let me know what you think.

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