‘Are’are Sounds: Solomon Islands – Melanesia

Some of you that are new to this blog may not know that I promote art, culture and heritage from Papua New Guinea, my country of origin and the Melanesian region.  Music plays a large role in the Melanesian content that I promote. It was one of the reasons I started this blog two years ago. It is very important for me to continue to share and persevere in promoting as a way of safeguarding some of the Melanesian cultures, and I hope that you enjoy this journey with me, not only for its purpose, but the beautiful sounds.

The spectacular playing of stamping tubes by the ‘Are’are people is one of the twenty musical genres filmed by Hugo Zemp. This YouTube preview presents six short excerpts of a 2h20 long film in which each musical genre, one more beautiful than the other, is shown in length and commented by master musician ‘Irisipau. The 2-DVD set allows discovery and appreciation of the extraordinary richness of musical invention and polyphonic splendor of only 8000 ‘Are’are people living in the Solomon Islands, South-Western Pacific.

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8 thoughts on “‘Are’are Sounds: Solomon Islands – Melanesia”

  1. I certainly hope you will continue to share the culture and lives of your people. I find it extremely interesting. Though my lack of commenting due to time restraints does warrant an apology. May your song continue to play.

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  2. In tune with the music of these people as my native American flute just arrived 4 days ago…..a hollow wooden tube with just 5 holes and the tunes I can play are akin to those of the bamboo pipes shown in the video…….yes, music bonds people, soothes the soul and makes one more tuned in to worlds outside ours….

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