New Birth: New Year

Happy New Year to all the readers of Tribalmystic blog. It is three years today that this blog, Tribalmystic Stories was born and I want to thank you all for following, participating and reading some of the stories. I have had a nice break, and I hope you have had the same. I’m looking forward to a new and interesting year ahead of us.

I wanted to begin 2017 with a tough shot I tried to take throughout the day today. It was not easy to photograph this mother and baby spider together; one on either side of the web and with the breeze flanking their gold web like a flag. Lucky for me, they did not move away from this super location (from the back veranda to the garden) and at various times, when I tried to take a better picture, both insects could not keep still. I hope you like the pictures.







8 thoughts on “New Birth: New Year”

  1. How big is that sucker, or should I say suckeress? You’ve got huge ovaries to be taking pictures of bugs they scare the Bejesus out of me! Nice pictures, the baby spider is kind of cute. Oh, Happy New Years!

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  2. Great pictures even though spiders scare the life out of me (irrational, I know, but there we are). This looks very like a spider I encountered in the Seychelles once – so much bigger than the ones in the UK!
    Have a fantastic 2017!

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