Wisteria: A Flower of Meaning and Beauty

Wisteria: A Flower of Meaning and Beauty


Above is my first bloom from one of five wisteria flowers I have in my garden. I did not plant these vines from the pea family, a soil improving legume, but discovered them three springs ago. The plants must have preserved their roots despite harsh weather and no care – before we took on this property five years ago. Wisterias are delicate and beautiful tropical flowers. They are grown in USA and Asia, particularly China and Japan, and Australia. The wisteria flowers come in different colours and hang down like grapevines. The flowers have meanings associated with good luck and new beginnings; and often grown in pathways and entrances to bring these meanings to (hopefully) fruition.

I was going to list the meanings, but I found good information with some meanings on this beautiful blog: Flower Meaning.


These green seeds above are not from wisteria flowers, but wild tobacco tree. This wisteria finds support by climbing on the wild tobacco. The flowers of the wild tobacco surprisingly almost copy the same colours of the wisteria.

Above are wild tobacco flowers.



Wisteria budding blossom.





So, since this spring is bringing me full blooms of wisteria, I would like to share with all my readers the amount of good luck and happiness that I have in my garden. Thank you!


3 thoughts on “Wisteria: A Flower of Meaning and Beauty”

  1. I am happy to say mine are blooming as well. Both the white and the traditional Wisteria colours, all over my front porch as well. I like to soft perfume as well. Let’s enjoy this spring and the flowers it brings to our gardens. Best Rae


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