Michael Kiwanuka – Music for the Soul

Thank you Slipper Edge for sharing the music of this fantastic talent, Micheal Kiwanuka.

Of Ugandan parentage, who escaped the Amin regime (1971-1979), Kiwanuka (born May 3,  1987) grew up in Muswell Hill, North London. He attended Fortismere School after completion of A-levels and studied in the School of Media, Arts and Design at the University of Westminister.

Kiwanuka acknowledged that his music has influences of great musicians such as Otis Redding, Bill Withers, Bob Dylan, Jack Johnson and Eric Bibb.

Official website and tours.

4 thoughts on “Michael Kiwanuka – Music for the Soul”

      1. Hi Joyce, apologies for not being online for a bit. All good thanks, just going through my usual every 3-5 year personal (r)evolution and transformation, finding a fresh voice for myself so to speak as I dig deeper into my creativity related to music and zooming in on work that can keep the pot boiling as well as inspire. How are u?

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      2. Hi Niko, don’t be sorry – I have not been telling stories much lately nor have I visited you. It has been all work – except with my mother. We have a lot to talk and do about. 🙂 You sound like what I’m feeling, searching – digging deeper. It’s cold here (9 degrees last night) so I have had plenty of time to sit by the fire and think…:) hope you have discovered and are inspired and have some new ways to create and impress. I am making clothes again – after almost 25 years. I have been making textiles. It feels good. Hoping to help raise money for a charity, (for violence against women victims). July 13th marks our 13 years in Australia – time has flown. Back home in PNG, things are not well – the people want the PM to step down, and rightly so. Take care my friend, will visit you soon.

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