The Honey in the High Hollow – Bird Photos

I went to watch my son play rugby with my mother this morning and this pair of young rainbow lorikeets got my attention. The game had not started yet, but I could hear them quietly chatting in the trees while honey-hunting. The pair was after the honey more than 20 feet high in the  hollow  of this large gum tree at University of Queensland rugby field, Brisbane.

JK.Leahy photo©
DSC_0007 (1)
JK.Leahy photo©
JK.Leahy photo©



JK.Leahy photo©
JK.Leahy photo©
JK.Leahy photo©


12 thoughts on “The Honey in the High Hollow – Bird Photos”

      1. I’m well, thanks, Joycelin. 🙂 We’ve just got back from a holiday in Cornwall, which was a lovely break. My nano-novel is still a bit of a mess, unfortunately, though it is coming along. I don’t write in a sequential narrative – I jump around wherever inspiration takes me – so I have lots of scenes that still need to be tied together!
        How are your writing and other artistic pursuits going?

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      2. Oh the break sounds lovely. I think if you write like that – it will draw the best out of you. I write the same way – so I am jumping all over the memoir, but while my mother is here, she has added a lot to her parts of the story and given me more material for my own story. My two children’s books are almost done – just need to complete the artwork and have it laid out. That story I started for Nano still has potential, but I have not had time to work on it. So much to do. 🙂 Nice to talk to you again Lou.


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