A Lei For Marcelle

A corsage. JK.Leahy©

My gorgeous niece Marcelle Bucher turned 18 on the 4th of March. I have known Marcelle from birth and she is second daughter of my friends Erue and Daniel Bucher.  Marcelle’s mother Erue is Papua New Guinean and father Daniel is Swiss. You could say, Marcelle is a daughter I did not give birth to, but lucky enough to have. She is articulate, intuitive, very clever and creative. She is currently doing International Studies in University of Queensland. She speaks several languages and will conquer the world when she graduates. At 17, she left Australia to travel Europe alone and returned after Christmas. I think she just wanted to ‘sus’ Europe out, just to see if Europe is ready for Marcelle.

It was almost the end of the party, but birthday girl still had her lei. JK.Leahy picture.

On her return, Marcelle wanted a Bahamas party for her 18th with lots of colour and tropical scenes. Everyone wanted leis, but the frangipani season had just ended. As she had wished, we set up her sister Livu’s place to look like a small holiday nook in the Bahamas. A quick drive around Brisbane city with a visit to my own  gardens gave us a small bucket-full of frangipani flowers, but just enough for me to make everyone a corsage. The party started to look ‘Pacificky’ – but it was  pretty all the same. The reggae music kept it slightly different.  And, the birthday lady received a lei.

Views from the Bahamas party.
Part of the celebration.
To keep flowers fresh overnight, I kept them in cool water with a few ice cubes.





I used folded banana leaves to extend the leis because I did not have enough flowers.

How do you make a lei? Watch this YouTube video on how to make a flower lei.

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