Free and Lose Art – Watercolour

Maria’s Daughters – Watercolour

DSC_0044 (1)
Maria’s Daughters – JK. Leahy watercolour.

I am working free and lose again on my watercolour, after getting the work so tensed up.  When I first learnt to paint in watercolour, I thought it was crazy. You had to work so quickly and once you’ve made a mistake, it was so hard to fix. In my earlier work, I painted loosely and simply. Then, painting in all mediums (Acrylics, oils, watercolour etc) at different times, I started to overwork the watercolour.

This shot is a little dark, but the artwork has only had three coats of paint so far. It gets exciting when it starts to come together. Let’s hope I don’t over do it again.

2 thoughts on “Free and Lose Art – Watercolour”

  1. Nice job Joyce! I love the figure on the left’s dress/frock and the handbag on the right best. And the postures and gestures which u so beautifully capture. And the folds of the head dresses. Wow. You really are letting it flow so the medium can show. My dad, like me, is also an artist and we often have that conversation about when to stop working on a piece. I prefer the “less is more” approach. That is to say, leaving a work not quite finished means it is more open ended and creates the space for the audience / viewer to complete it and thus actively participate in the creative process instead of being a passive observer. Keep it up, lovely 🙂

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