New Bugs – Photography

New Bugs – JK.Leahy Photography


These tiny mysterious bugs were all over the hibiscus bush a few weeks ago. They are round and flat roughly the size of a pencil top. Interestingly, they lay white bobby pin-head size eggs, soft and translucent like the turtle eggs. They visit the eggs in pairs and leave in pairs which I thought was strange. I have not been able to find more information, but I hope to soon. By all means, if you do know these bugs, tell us.




12 thoughts on “New Bugs – Photography”

  1. Love these little creatures, such detail on their shells, almost like a artist’s carapace… Thanx for sharing these delightful animals, I never seen them before. Definitely not a South African species but related to some of ours like the Toktokkie (“Knock-Knock” could be the English translation) and some of the spitting bugs we have here. Lovely

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      1. Hi Joyce, yeah they even MAKE that sound when they are looking for mates… I am good thank you, busy getting my hands dirty into some solar projects and related waste management solutions on big scales so my mission to save the planet is taking shape – just got to push on through and practice patience and persistence all in one breath. How are things on the islands? I am ever envious of your ability to write so much and do art as well, so consistently and with such sensitivity. I am at times still caught in the urban life of racing from traffic light to traffic light, awaiting for our dream small farm to become ours. All good though…

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      2. Thank you so much for writing Niko. I have to send you a proper email. I told a story tonight on my mother and I taking a trip to Tami Islands in PNG when I did my climate change research. That seems ages ago…Sounds like you do have your hands full. I hope everything goes well for you. Talk soon.


    1. Hahahahaha – that’s right, you are afraid of little insects. You should visit, I’d like to see that look when you are tearing through the back-yard…sorry, I am only teasing you. They all are harmless. True. They poisonous ones are quite obvious an they tend to hide.


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