Night Visitor – Insect Photography





Our night visitor never left. The long-horned beetle entered our house on Sunday night and was flying around crashing into everything and everyone. My son took it outside, but yesterday I found it alive and under a floor mat.
The brown/reddish native beetle from the Cerambycidae family (according to Queensland Museum) was supposed to live in open forests and woodlands throughout Australia. It has been accidentally introduced to many overseas countries where it is a serious pest in eucalypt plantations. The white, legless larvae of this beetle bore under the bark of recently dead or sick eucalypts lives for several months.

The beetle is 15–30 mm long. This one in our house was at least 45 mm long. This species has a dark-brown, elongated body with a pale band and spots at tips of wing-covers. The reddish antennae is much longer than the body. When I photographed the beetle yesterday, it was very aggressive. I returned it to the woods.

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    1. Tell me about it Chris…we get all kinds, even the two-legged ones 🙂 …a side story for you Chris. The other day, a young man (20s) walked up our driveway and yelled out to me, “why are you out in the rain?” (I had never seen him before and I was in my yard on my property). I was putting food out for the chickens, ducks and birds, but that was none of his business, so I ignored his question. Then he got closure and proceeds to give me a lecture. I asked him to leave. He said he was raising money for children and I said, I was already feeding and housing two. He insisted I could pay him later. I moved closer and asked him again slowly, to leave. He screwed up his face and left. (Thank you for reading Chris).

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