PNG Tribal Chiefs Threatened to Turn Taps Off

Picture courtesy – Official Website of the PNG LNG Project

PNG chiefs made threats of a civil unrest over an unpopular Australian bank deal in the $19 billion PNG LNG project , The Age has reported.

Until now, the tribal chiefs in Papua New Guinea have been happy to host a hugely profitable natural gas project on the slopes of their mountainous land.
It might have disrupted hunting grounds, ruined waterways and uprooted fruit and vegetables, but the money flowing from it also promised progress and development for the people.
So they stuck with a 2009 agreement to provide access and security to a $US19 billion ExxonMobil PNG liquid natural gas project, which has given Australia’s nearest neighbour one of the highest GDP growth rates on earth. All that, though, could change. They are threatening to “turn off the taps” after the PNG government barred their Australian lawyers from entering the country. Read more in the The Age.


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