Mt Hagen Town View – Revisit

Mt Hagen town view from Mt Kuta – Papua New Guinea. Picture: JK.Leahy

Although it was under a sad circumstance, it was good to return to Mt Hagen town, Papua New Guinea, after almost 17 years to attend George Leahy’s funeral. The town had a dry spell, but the air was crisp and everything looked green and luscious.

Picture JK.Leahy ©

This is the view from a beautiful house on the Kuta Ridge that I visited the last week. The house was built by my late cousin, Maggie Wilson.  In partnership with her family and her people, she ran a successful world re-known guest house called the Haus Poroman (house of friends) for several years before she passed away a few years ago. Her eldest daughter Bernadine Danomira took me to the ridge to visit Maggie’s place and see the view once more. It was still as beautiful as I remember it.






14 thoughts on “Mt Hagen Town View – Revisit”

  1. I lived in Mount Hagen from 86-89, I well remember many happy times spent at Haus Poromanm, including xmas 87. Went back 99-01 though lived in POM and Madang then. I do remember one happy afternoon spent at Keith and Maggies beautiful house though – fabulous views.
    in the 80s Maggie also had a café in the town and served the best cheesecake I have ever tasted – that was our Saturday treat. Sad to hear she had died, she was a very lovely, warm lady.


    1. Dear Joan,
      Thank you very much for reading the post on Mt Hagen. Welcome wantok! It has touched me to learn you knew Maggie. I loved her too. She did make the nicest cheesecake, amongst her many amazing qualities and talents.I miss her…(ps. Keith has moved back to England).


    2. I would love to know the name of the book about her too, I have copies of the book and film “first contact”, amazing stuff. when I later lived in South Africa I was taken to an area called “valley of 1,000 hills”. my husband and I looked at each other and said “call that a 1,000 hills!” after living in the Western Highlands there was nothing to compare. I now live in the mountains of Andalucía and again look over valleys and often think of those fabulous valleys. Yes I remember the orchid gardens at Poroman too, people would come from all over the world to see them, particularly the Japanese


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      1. How wonderful. Your life is so rich! Thank you so much. I can just picture you at Haus Poroman. Her daughter looks after the land an garden now, she is replanting. They took Haus Poroman down after they completed Maggie’s feast. I was going to write a post at some stage later. I will ask Bernadine (Maggie’s eldest daughter) for the copy of Maggie’s book for you. This is my email address, send me an email there and I can forward it on to Bernadine as well.


    1. Maggie was a writer and film-maker. She loved nature and had beautiful gardens (I will post some picture of her garden later). BTW – she married an Englishman. She left us too soon. Her daughter Bernadine takes after her and still lives on the land with her sister. Her other sister, Olivia and father have returned to England with their families.

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      1. That story would make a good novel, you know. You could always add a few dramatic incidents to make it a best seller (unless there are already some in the story). I’ll look out for your post aboout the gardens. 🙂

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      2. Well, I only took pictures of Maggie’s grave and her garden. Maggie’s friend, an anthropologist published a book about her life. I will try to get the name of the book for you. She will definitely make a chapter in my book. 🙂

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      3. I’d love to see the book about Maggie, and I’m sure your chapter will be excellent, too. I was thinking more in terms of fiction (including fictional events) but perhaps that would spoil her memory for you. I’m off to Malta tomorrow, so will not be doing much on WP next week. I’ll schedule the odd WOW post to go out before I leave, but the rest will have to wait until I get back. We need a bit of sunshine after the miserable summer we’ve had here. And you have yours all ahead of you again. Enjoy your spring. 🙂

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      4. I remember you mentioning that a while ago. Yes, 1989 is a long time ago. I was (and felt) a lot younger then! Heehee. Did you do a degree in journalism as well as one in environmental issues? I know you’ve done a lot os study in your time. 🙂 Malta is a lovely island and we’ve been several times because we bought a time share there years ago. It’s in Bougibba, which isn’t the best place on the island, and we spend much of the time touring round the different sites. We even went off to Sicily one year. This time we’re having a day in Gozo – we’ve only been there once. The history of both islands is fascinating. I imagine I’ll do a post or two about it. Talk again soon… 🙂


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