The First Papua New Guinea Writer – Hosea Linge

Hosea Linge book cover

My friend Steven Winduo (Land Echoes) whom I have featured here wrote this story about the first Papua New Guinea writer, Hosea Linge. Linge’s book, The Erstwhile Savage: An Account of the Life of Ligeremaluoga was published in 1932. Ligeremaluoga is from Kono village in New Ireland Province.

Winduo discovered Linge when he researched into why there are so few published PNG authors, when exposure to writing itself and print technology was introduced when the first Europeans arrived in Papua New Guinea.

“I am particularly interested in answering the question why it took so long for PNGeans to write”, Winduo said.

No doubt by the end of his research, he will reveal the reason for the lack of numbers of published PNG authors. Click the link below to read the Linge story:

Steven’s Window

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