The Kreod Pavilion: Cool Stuff

Cool stuff – The KREOD


The Cool Stuff this week is a multi-functional exhibition space called Kreod Pavilion. Inspired by nature and organic in its form, this beautiful space was designed by London Architect Chun Qing Li.
Environmentally friendly the Kreod pavilion combines three 20 m² capsules in a variety of spatial configurations. The hexagonal structure is based on a simple recurrent joint connection detail as seen in Chun Qing Li’s sketches below.


Architect: Chun Qing Li & Pavilion Architecture
Location: Greenwich Peninsula, GB-London SE10 0PE (until early 2013)


Kreod is a multi-functional pavilion – its three pods can be combined in a variety of configurations or installed as free-standing forms. It is portable and easily demountable. The wooden structure of KREOD is made of Kebony, a certified sustainable alternative to tropical hardwood. The product is dark, acquiring a silver-grey patina over time if left untreated.

Kreod_Pavilions_0015_Photo_by_Ed_Kingsfo_e2b5c67d97      KREOD_Launch_025_Photo_by_Ed_Kingsford_0_d8fdae62aa

The wood was impregnated with a liquid produced from crop biowaste. The treatment with furfuryl alcohol forms stable furan polymers, which are locked in the wood cell walls and increase the dimensional stability as well as durability and hardness of the wood, giving exceptionally good decay resistance and long life span was obtained after kebonization. This durability was achieved without the disadvantages of traditional impregnation methods using toxic chemicals.

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8 thoughts on “The Kreod Pavilion: Cool Stuff”

  1. Yes, it (Kreod) does look cool, but a little too futuristic for my tastes. I suppose the fact that materials are sustainable is in its favour, but the design would take a bit of getting used to. I’m not sure what they’re intended to be used for. The term ‘mulifunctional’ covers a lot of possibilities. Interesting to speculate about, though…

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    1. I understand your point. I do love it though. It is like a huge shell. I imagine it is large enough that when you are inside, it would not be too much. It was in London – not sure where it is now.


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