Writing On The Wall

Graffiti – is it art, writing, or both? A freedom of expression. I have posted this question on this blog before. Here a documentary explores the work of street painters and gives them an opportunity to speak about what motivates them to colour the streets.

7 thoughts on “Writing On The Wall”

  1. Street art is awesome so long as it is done where allowed. I’ve seen it used well and it has been pleasing. No, we cannot have a free-for-all. Construction sites with high walls protecting the public from mishap may well be a good place for this art.

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  2. First time ever to hear these comments from these artists as I have not gone deeper into street art. I think they do have a place in art but where they are allowed to do so may clash with city planners/authorities.

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    1. Thank you very much Kahwahtan. I found another very interesting video which I will post later – apparently graffiti art has become a big thing but I never thought so. Yes – they do need a place however, I think the thrill of showing is where it is prohibited. I have always admired many of the street art.


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