Amazing Life Cycle of Monarch Butterfly

Last month, many butterflies hatched on my lime trees. I have been looking through some of the You Tube videos to see how Butterflies transform – well, I have seen hundreds but they are still very interesting. The ones that grew on my two lime trees are now flying about in the yard which is wonderful to see. In this YouTube video, the complete life-cycle of the Monarch butterfly is shown from a tiny caterpillar hatching from an egg on a Milkweed leaf through metamorphosis to become a glorious adult butterfly. Filmed utilizing high-powered microscopic cameras and time-lapse photography. Produced for the Chicago Nature Museum in Chicago, IL.

7 thoughts on “Amazing Life Cycle of Monarch Butterfly”

  1. Absolutely riveting. I was going to save for another time but I watched it all and it was over before I knew it. I had to look up the lifespan of the Monarch, which I wish they had included in the presentation. Maybe I missed it when I blinked. ❤

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    1. I em so glad you liked the video. I love butterflies. We had eight different colours grow on the lime tree this year. It was fascinating to watch. There was one that had brassy rainbow colours – I really don’t know what it became. One thing for sure, they totally took over the lime tree as their food and shelter. The tree is growing back now. 🙂


      1. I agree. Butterflies are amazing. I’ve seen a few different ones as I was growing up but the Monarch was the only one I cared about. This video has been helpful in my understanding, although they could have added so much more information. Anyway, it was worth watching. ❤ ❤

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