Marrying Words With Images in Stephen Doyle’s Style

“I make these things as an escape from the world of problem-solving.” Stephen Doyle said. His paper sculptures are exquisite.

I make things from paper myself and I am obsessed with paper. I was fascinated when recently I found this article about Stephen Doyle’s work. I wanted to share it in Cool Stuff.

The Trial

Stephen Doyle’s vision unites words and images in unforgettable ways. The design firm of which he is a principal, Doyle Partners in New York, creates acclaimed identities and all means of conveying them (and he always gets the colors right). He’s also recognized for his visual contributions to the Op-Ed page of The New York Times. Here he talks about another artistic pursuit: creating astonishing paper sculptures. Read More on Impressions from the paper-obsessed

The Trouble With Geniuses

Doyle Partners

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