12 thoughts on “The Rewards of Gifting”

  1. hi … i could make a lot of comments about this ..
    pro and con … faith in people not faith in people
    how big corporations could do this without it
    ruining the premis of their existence … and you have to remember
    major corporations employ a lot of people even though people express their hatred of them all over the ‘blogesphere’ (sp) .. so,
    there’s a wide range of existential questions that
    could be asked … i for one, would like to see this
    mind set applied to nature … to conservation … to
    maintenance of the life forms … of the
    planet … because after all … this is why the trees
    invented us … (this is what the papauans (terrible misspelling) are doing … ks gotta go …


    1. Hi KS,
      I really appreciate your thoughts. Thank you very much. You are right. There are a lot that can be done and I agree that the simple ones, un-noticed, acts of humility by individuals and in their small ways – goes further..and more. I hear you. I love trees too and more should be and must be done for trees. I have may be 50 or more trees in my yard. I get asked by tree-cutters every week to cut it for me – I find that very offensive. They want to make money, by making my life miserable – does it make sense? I wish..for more and for trees. 🙂


      1. did you ever read that post i mentioned … AND there is such a thing as culling or thinning for the health of the others … this probably isn’t the case in your case … i have another place in the north … there are trees and i hate to cut any tree down but i will … and i do … for the health of the others .. and because i have a space that i occupy in that little eco system too … and i am part of nature too … i.e. i have to let sunlight come into my space .. but i hate to do this i’d rather trim but …. i could go on forever … gotta stop … 50 trees! nice … take care … ks

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      2. that’s the poem .. thanks for giving it a read … so, trees limbs and branches and leaves all touch one another and they are all gathering information from specific places on the planet so, each tree has specific information and since they all touch one another they are in SOME way sharing … so what it is is …. they are this huge for lack of a better word … ”brain” … can you imagine a ‘brain’ the size of all the trees that are touching one another on the whole planet? have you ever seen pictures of the neurons in our brains? exactly the same ‘form’ as trees … always branching off in twos … just like the neurons of our brains only immensely larger … what they are aware of is beyond imagination … especially since there are no words in their lexicon … BUT .. they do speak in so many different ways if you watch and listen and see … they are probably imparting information to us that we aren’t even aware of as we speak .. ! and their roots! the earth DOES vibrate and we communicate by vibrations and everything vibrates so … those roots are able to feel the
        vibrations of the earth … trees have been around for a long time so this is part of who they are … not human in any sense of the word but … alive and very aware … whoops! sorry to be so abstract … some people don’t like it … a lot of people think i’m an alien but i’m not i am one of those people who believes in Gaia (i think that’s how you spell it) .. that the earth is a sentient being … now please ‘tri’ don’t go away scratching your head … . i’m sure given your exposure to, or are part of .. the different cultures you have brought forth i in your blog … that there is fairly wide spread belief in these thoughts or thoughts that are very much similar … ? so ok … it’s fun talking with you about nature because i sense you have a strong connection with it … take care … ks but you know … i’m a man … so i express myself abstractly .. i describe …

        so, who am i to tell YOU who are a woman .. therefore much more attuned to all of this without having to use words … all of these ideas ?? in many ways women ARE the earth … ks

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